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Medical Imaging Workflows with MATLAB

In this webinar, you will learn how to use MATLAB and Image Processing Toolbox to solve problems and explore ideas for medical image analysis. We will focus on the segmentation and quantification of cancerous lesions in images of tissue. Our workflow will include the following highlights:

• Options for importing and exploring imagery
• Algorithm development using the MATLAB environment
• Evaluation of image processing techniques for segmentation
• Application development, including GUI building within MATLAB
• Report generation
• Application deployment

We will also show the ease with which Microsoft Excel can be used in conjunction with MATLAB.  

Watch Part 2 of this webinar series titled: Medical Image Processing with MATLAB 

About the Presenter: Brett Shoelson received his Master's and Doctorate degrees in Biomedical Engineering at Tulane University. He spent several years doing biomedical research at Harvard Medical School and at the National Institutes of Health before coming to work at MathWorks in 2005. His research interests include automating image processing workflows with MATLAB.

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