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Integrating MATLAB Algorithms into System-Level Design Using Embedded MATLAB

Embedded MATLAB™ is the subset of the MATLAB language that can be compiled into efficient code for embedded implementation. It consists of more than 270 of the operators and functions included in MATLAB and more than 90 of the functions in Fixed-Point Toolbox.

This webinar demonstrates a workflow using the Embedded MATLAB language subset with Simulink and Stateflow software. With this workflow, MATLAB and Simulink users can collaborate to develop embeddable algorithms in MATLAB that can be integrated into system-level models with Simulink block diagrams and Stateflow charts. The resulting models and code can automatically generate C and HDL code for embedded software and hardware implementation and verification.

Die Arbeitsweise der folgenden Werkzeuge wird gezeigt

  • Simulink Coder
  • Simulink
  • HDL Coder
  • Fixed-Point Designer

Aufgezeichnet: 6 Mai 2008