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DO-178B Certification: Automate and Streamline Using Code Verification

Getting embedded avionics software projects to certify to the DO-178B standard can be difficult and challenging. Attend this webinar to learn about optimum tool chains for DO-178B certification. With live product demonstrations, see how code verification products from The MathWorks help embedded software development, integration and test teams attain certification quickly and efficiently.

Learn how you can apply these best practices to your critical DO-178B compliant avionics projects by:
• Addressing challenges faced by teams developing to DO-178B compliance
• Reducing the number of robustness test-cases
• Using automation to help decrease verification and test efforts

Who Should Attend:
• Software Engineers working on aviation projects
• Designated Engineering Representatives (DER)
• Quality Assurance and Test Engineers responsible for certification

Die Arbeitsweise der folgenden Werkzeuge wird gezeigt

  • Polyspace Code Prover
  • Polyspace Bug Finder

Aufgezeichnet: 16 Jun 2009