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Deploying MATLAB Components to C/C++, Java, .NET, and Excel

This webinar explains how to deploy MATLAB® applications and components to non-MATLAB users. Through product demonstrations, attendees will see how MATLAB Compiler, MATLAB® Builder™ JA (formerly MATLAB® Builder for Java™), MATLAB® Builder™ NE (formerly MATLAB® Builder for .NET), and MATLAB® Builder™ EX (formerly MATLAB® Builder for Excel®) can be used to generate stand-alone executables and C, C++, Java, .NET, and Excel Components.

This webinar will also highlight the ability to use the deployment products for Web deployment, or to call MATLAB components from a Web application.

This webinar is for people familiar with MATLAB. MATLAB users interested in learning about MATLAB in general should first view the introductory recorded webinars.

Aufgezeichnet: 5 Jun 2008