Vehicle Network Toolbox

Visualizing CAN Traffic and Handling CAN Messages

The toolbox provides a Vehicle Network CAN Bus Monitor app for visualizing active traffic on a particular CAN channel. You can use the app while performing other tasks in MATLAB or Simulink. For CAN database files associated with your CAN channel, the app decodes the messages and displays them in their correct engineering units.

When traffic on the network contains more information than needed for your application, you can limit the number of CAN messages received by a CAN channel to a defined range of CAN message identifiers. Using filter functions and mask settings in the toolbox, you receive only the messages needed for your application.

Live CAN bus traffic on the network displayed by the CAN bus monitoring tool.
Live CAN bus traffic on the network displayed by the Vehicle CAN Bus Monitor app. The display shows raw data; it can be configured to show decoded data when the CAN channel is associated with a .dbc database file.
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