Data Acquisition Toolbox

Supported Hardware Devices and Vendors

Data Acquisition Toolbox supports PC-compatible data acquisition hardware from multiple vendors, including Advantech, Measurement Computing, and National Instruments. The toolbox also supports Microsoft® Windows® compatible sound cards. In addition, it is compatible with hardware from several data acquisition vendors via third-party adaptors. See more information on supported hardware.

If you work with a variety of hardware, the toolbox provides common base properties that apply to all supported hardware, such as sample rate, trigger settings, and channel properties. Using these properties promotes code reuse and reduces the need to change code when you change hardware. The toolbox also enables you to access device-specific features of your hardware from MATLAB.

To experiment with hardware and collect data interactively, you can execute toolbox functions from the MATLAB command line. You can also create MATLAB applications or work with live data in Simulink models.

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