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Double Pendulum Experiment

Experiment for teaching basic and advanced methods of control theory


  • Accurate verified simulation model
  • Several stabilizing controllers
  • Pendulum with ability to swing up and to perform transitions between the equilibrium points
  • Emphasis on the design of H-infinity and Mu-synthesis controllers
  • Using extra hardware, ability to add uncertainty, which makes the stabilization considerably harder



The double pendulum is an experiment for teaching linear and, to some extent, nonlinear methods of control theory. The pendulum is driven by a DC motor, and the angles that the links make are measured by two high-resolution encoders. The controller is realized in a target computer, and the controllers are synthesized on a host computer. A full and accurate Simulink® model of the plant exists. The real-time software is realized using Simulink Real-Time™.

The use of the pendulum experiment requires MATLAB, Simulink and Control System Toolbox for controller design and simulation, plus Simulink Coder, and Simulink Real-Time for controlling to the experiment hardware.



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