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Cosimulating and Verifying Mixed-Signal Systems

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Design ADCs, PLLs, digital pre-distortion, SERDES and other mixed-signal systems using behavioral and circuit modeling.

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Cosimulation links system-level models in MATLAB and Simulink with low-level models in SPICE and HDL. Engineers use cosimulation to accelerate mixed-signal design and to verify low-level designs with system-level models. Cosimulation enables efficient workflows by directly linking high-level and low-level mixed-signal design environments.

MATLAB and Simulink link system-level models to hardware testing through links to test and measurement equipment. These links provide a way to create an automated system that includes test vector generation, measurement taking, and analysis.

Integrate Analog and Digital Tools for Cosimulation and Faster Verification

With Simulink, you can perform cosimulation with tools from many vendors, for integrated digital and analog simulation. In the analog domain, Cadence SpectreRF provides cosimulation links to Simulink. In the digital domain, Simulink has cosimulation links to Mentor Graphics ModelSim. These cosimulation links enable you to join system and circuit level design in the same tool, leading to faster design and verification.

Reduce Testing Time and Cost

MATLAB and Simulink integrate with a range of test equipment, enabling you to read and write data and control instrument measurements. You can also use MATLAB and Simulink models as test harnesses, for test vector generation, and for data analysis.

By combining these approaches, you create a measurement and analysis process in which you automatically create the test vectors, send them to the device-under-test, and analyze the results. This automation gives you more time to investigate errors and reduces overall testing time, which results in better and faster projects.