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Which category of (MATLAB) function type do these MATLAB commands fall in?

Asked by Yagnaseni Roy on 14 Jun 2012
 medfilt2; imopen; ginput; imadjust; imsubtract ;imcontrast; mmreader; imshow; imcontour; cpselect; imagesc;  

....these are all the commands I used to develop a code for my project.

In my project review, there is a place where I have to say "I used __ functions on MATLAB to eliminate the background noise and make the cell clear against the background"...what could I use to fill in this blank?....the word required should tell us the broad category under which these commands fall...e.g* 'image filtering'*


Yagnaseni Roy



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2 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson on 14 Jun 2012
Accepted answer

I distinctly remember responding last night, but I don't see that now??

ginput is a GUI input function.

mmreader is a file I/O function.

Neither of those could be considered as being image processing functions.

medfilt2 is broadly a signal processing function, but it is used often enough with image processing that calling it an image processing function would not be wrong.

Everything else could be classified as an image processing function.

imopen is a morphological operator. Broadly speaking that is a kind of filtering, but it would not usually be referred to that way.

imadjust and imcontrast are gamma curve operations and I would not call them filtering operations.


Yagnaseni Roy on 15 Jun 2012

Ok, so looking at my original post, the only option for me would be to just write 'image processing' in the blank space?...I was hoping to be little more specific....but I guess it'll have to do!

Walter Roberson on 15 Jun 2012

Keep in mind that the question is only asking about the part of the activity that involves reducing noise. mmreader() for example is not involved in the part of the algorithm that reduces noise.

Yagnaseni Roy on 16 Jun 2012 according to my sentence, it wouldn't be too bad to write 'filtering functions'...could I by any chance write gaussian filtering?

Walter Roberson
Answer by Jonathan Koay on 14 Jun 2012

The toolbox name is pretty much the category name for the function type.

Tips: Just type the function name (i.e. mediflt2) in the Documentation Center's search box and you will see the toolbox name.

All the best!


Yagnaseni Roy on 14 Jun 2012

I followed what you said (and it said 'image processing tool box), but it would be nice to use some more specific terms for the about 'filtering functions'?

medfilt2; imopen; imadjust; ;imcontrast; are the most important functions I used and they are all responsible for image filtering, right?

Sean de Wolski on 14 Jun 2012

Depends on your definition of "filtering" but more or less yes.

Jonathan Koay

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