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I need help with the input function

Asked by Hugo on 1 Jun 2012

Hi, I want to do one function that calls another function that is already done. The problem is that the function I want to use has something that print on the comman line to ask to insert values and strings via keyboard.

Is something like this: function Import()

disp('*****************************************************************'); disp('string');

SatLong = input('insert latitude ');

File = input('Insert name ', 's');

BFile = input('Name of converted file (no ext): ', 's');

How can I insert this fields in my function???




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1 Answer

Answer by Elad on 1 Jun 2012
Accepted answer

you need that the other function will output those parameters ... [ File,BFile...]= otherfunction(....) and that the main function would also call them ... [ ....] = mainfunction(File,BFile... )

1 Comment

Hugo on 5 Jun 2012

Are you calling "mainfunction" to this one I pasted here that have the strings asking for the values???


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