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-nojvm option

Asked by Daniel on 22 May 2012

You can start MATLAB with a number of flags one of which is -nojvm which starts MATLAB without the Java virtual machine. One of the obvious effects of -nojvm is that there is no desktop, but you can get that with the -nodesktop and/or -nodisplay flags. What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting MATLAB without the JVM?


The type of things I am interested in are effects of -nojvm beyond the effects you get with -nodesktop and -nodisplay. For example, if you use -nojvm then the SOUND function uses alternative code.

Some open question that I do not know the answers to are Is the JVM needed for importing java objects? Does JIT acceleration require the JVM? Does multithreading work without the JVM? What type of applications go faster without the JVM?





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2 Answers

Answer by Sean de Wolski on 22 May 2012


* doc mtimes;
* plot(1:10);
* edit linespec


Daniel on 22 May 2012

This is all display related. I am interested in non-display aspects (if any) of the JVM.

Sean de Wolski on 22 May 2012

Some things that use an API, e.g. URLREAD

Sean de Wolski
Answer by Thomas on 22 May 2012


the -nodesktop starts MATLAB without bringing up the MATLAB desktop. The JVM software is started. Use the current window in the operating system to enter commands. * Will still work with graphics (you can use the plot commands)*

-nodisplay: also starts the JVM and does not start the desktop in addition it also ignores Commands and the DISPLAY environment variable in LINUX. (will not work with graphics because of X limitations I presume)

-nojvm does not start the JVM software and uses current window. Graaphics will not work without the JVM

More info here:;jsessionid=518e6137958fb5599992bf58ae7f


Daniel on 22 May 2012

Does the JVM affect anything other than the display?

Thomas on 22 May 2012

The MATLAB Java interface enables you to:

Access Java API (application programming interface) class packages that support essential activities such as I/O and networking. For example, the URL class provides convenient access to resources on the Internet.

Access third-party Java classes

Easily construct Java objects in MATLAB workspace

Call Java object methods, using either Java or MATLAB syntax

Pass data between MATLAB variables and Java objects


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