Financial Services

  • Prudential: Use of MATLAB for Solvency II Capital Modeling: The Prudential Risk Scenario Generator

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  • Standard & Poor's: Financial Model Validation Using MATLAB

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  • Merrill Lynch: Modeling European Power Supply and Demand with MATLAB and Parallel Computing

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  • International Monetary Fund: Macroprudential Models: New Techniques to Support New Policies

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  • Banc Sabadell: MATLAB: A Corporate Development Tool at Banc Sabadell

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Financial professionals worldwide are using MathWorks products to develop and implement increasingly complex financial models, analyze substantial volumes of data, and operate under tightening regulation.

By standardizing on MathWorks products, they work in a single environment to:

  • Analyze data and create forecasts
  • Measure, manage, and attribute risk
  • Develop, test, and implement trading strategies
  • Calculate prices
  • Determine cash flows
  • Construct, optimize, and value portfolios
  • Implement quantitative applications into front-office systems

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Who uses MathWorks products?

  • The top 15 asset-management companies
  • The top 10 U.S. commercial banks
  • 11 of the top 15 hedge funds
  • The reserve banks of all OECD member countries

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