Wireless and Wired Channel Modeling

To simulate and verify mobile phones, base stations, and optical network equipment, communications engineering teams need a comprehensive set of wireless and wired channel models. They use MATLAB and Simulink to develop these channel models for both desktop simulation and hardware prototyping, so they can analyze the behavior of the communications system under various impairment scenarios.

Verify Communications System Designs by Using Channel Models

MATLAB and Simulink give engineers a head start, providing prebuilt channel models that can be integrated into the system model for simulation under various impairment scenarios. Engineers can also customize channel models easily to meet their specific needs.

As a result, equipment providers are able to verify designs sooner and reduce the need for building and testing with hardware prototypes and network test equipment.

Running Channel Models on FPGAs

MIMO channels are complex to model and difficult to simulate. As a result, 4G or next-generation communications system and protocol simulations can take several days or even weeks to run. Engineering teams accelerate these simulations by using the power of FPGAs together with MathWorks tools, and third-party tools such as Xilinx® System Generator and Altera® DSP Builder.

From MIMO channel models developed in MATLAB and Simulink, these engineers automatically generate HDL code and implement the channel model directly on an FPGA board to emulate the MIMO channel effects for hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

Yokogawa Electric

Yokogawa Electric

"End-to-end system development with Simulink has streamlined our current design flow. We found virtually all bugs before hardware prototyping and this cut development time in half."

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